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Beaches in Thassos

The beaches of Thassos will reward you!

Most beaches in Thassos have been awarded with the Blue Flag and almost all of them are organized with excellent facilities. The coast is within easy reach, and there are many taverns and cafes to satisfy and delight guests. Some secluded beaches are accessible only by the sea.

San Antonio beach

San Antonio beach is a long sandy beach with a shallow, clear water and golden sand, and is the extension of Potos city beach. There are several beach bars, taverns and luxury hotels along the beach. Sunbeds on the beach are free of charge, but it is preferred to order a snack or drink. The little old church of Saint Antonio is up to the hill, which is nice to visit.

Potos Beach

Another sandy beach with crystal clear blue waters and amazing sunset is the Potos Beach. It is the most popular beach οn the south, and there you can find several beach bars, taverns and shops. You are entitled to the right to have free admission to our beach bar Crystal Blue, which is 4-5 minutes on foot, from Sissy Suites. In this excellent location, you can enjoy your day by swimming, sunbathing and having fabulous drinks, cocktails and snacks! Free parking is included, in case you want to use your car.

Rosogremos beach

Rosogremos beach is a sandy coast, just only 1,5 km from Potos beach. It’s a large beach with a shallow, clear, blue water. Sunbeds on the beach are free of charge, but we suggest you, to order a snack or drink.

Pefkari beach

Pefkari beach is a very impressive beach with clear blue water and many trees around. Sunbeds on the beach are free of charge, but we advise you to order a snack or drink.

Astris beach

Astris beach is the perfect place for a beach choice and not so crowded. It is located very closed to other popular beaches like Potos, Roso Gremos, Limenaria, Pefkari and Notos. The water is clean and there are a lot of taverns and coffee places.

Agios Vasilios beach

Agios Vasilios beach is in the north side of the island. Agios Vasilios beach is a very quiet beach with crystal clear, shallow waters, which is an ideal choice for families, even with very young children.

Agios Ioannis beach

Agios Ioannis beach is located in the southeastern part of the island, between Alykes and Kinira. The seawater is amazing and very clear and there are umbrellas and sunbeds for sun bathing. When you get there, you can visit the church of Agios Ioannis.

La Scala Beach

La Scala Beach is located 3 km in the north west side of the island Thassos. It is a trendy cosmopolitan beach, with sandy beach and we promise you unique moments of comfort and relaxation. There is a nice high-class beach bar, in which they can offer you snack and drinks all day and night.

Alyki Beach

Alyki beach is the most beautiful beach, with 2 bays on the island. Alyki beach is a 2-side beach, and both places have very clear water. The first side has many restaurants and is visible from the highway. The second beach is near the archaeological sites. Sunbeds on the beach are free of charge, but you can order a snack or drink.

Vathi Beach

Vathi Beach is located in the northeastern part on the island and 8 km from Limenas. There you can see a magnificent beach, which has very blue turquoise water and bright fine sand. It is not an organized quite beach, so has no sunbeds or showers. You can access to the beach by taxi, by boat or via Makryammos road.


Giola is located in the region of Astris, but the place is unknown and access is difficult. The distance from the main road is about 2 km. You can drive to get there, but after a point, you have to walk 15 minutes to get there. It is a beautiful natural lagoon, which is carved into the rocks and the swimmers can dive into the clear waters. Giola is a beautiful natural pool, a major attraction for thousands of tourists every year. The sea waves helps water being crystal clear in Giola.  In this rock pool Giola, the water is deep, salty, and warm, so it is more pleasant to swim. The height of the rocks is 8-9 metres so this is make it safer for diving.

Nisteri beach

Nisteri beach is located 1,5 km from Limenas. It is a small beach and the sea has blue, shallow and clear waters. It is an amazing place to relax. There is plenty of car parking space in this area.

Glykadi Beach

Glykadi Beach is located 5km away from Limenas. There you can find a white sandy beach and there are several pine trees around, so you can feel the fresh atmosphere it gives special moments of enjoyable swimming and diving to the visitor.

Glyfada Beach

Glyfada Beach is located on Thassos, only 3km away from Limenas. It is a very quiet beach with shallow water, not organized and not so crowded even in high season.

Glyfoneri Beach

Glyfoneri Beach is located 8 km from Limenas, in the northwestern part of Thassos, next to Pachis beach. It is a small, sandy and pine-covered beach, with clear shallow waters and perfect sand.

Papalimani Beach

Papalimani Beach is a small beach and located 3 km from Limenas on the north part of Thassos. The depth is shallow, seawater is clear turquoise, not organised and has nice natural beautiful scenery.

Thymonia beach

Thymonia bay is located closed to Giola. It is a natural beautiful beach, with blue green water. There you can see pebbles, small rocks, and still not organized.

Kalami beach

Kalami is located in the southern part of Thassos in the Astris area, next to the Giola. Kalami beach is ideal for swimming and underwater fishing because there are a lot of stones and pebbles.

Koinira beach

Koinira beach is a long beautiful beach with calm clear water. The beach is not organized so there are not umbrellas and sun beds.

Livadi beach

Livadi beach is located in a quiet and peaceful area next to the Monastery of Archangel Michael and very close to Aliki beach. Olive trees surround the beach; there is a shallow water and a lot of free space that you can entertain ball or rackets.

Limanaki beach

Limanaki beach is famous for wonderful crystal clear waters and perfectly organized beach It is located at the north part of Thassos island.

Limenaria Beach

Limenaria Beach is located in the southwestern side of the island, 3 km from Potos beach. It is a large coastline, well organized, with white sand, pebbles and crystal clear blue waters. There are several taverns, cake shops and beach bars.

Makryammos beach

Makryammos is located 2km from Limenas and is the only beach where you have to pay entrance fee. The cost is 3 euros per person and children are free of charge. It Is a beautifully big land with a sandy beach, bungalows, swimming pools, amusement park and is the ideal place for families with children.

Metalia beach

Metalia beach is located in Limenaria village behind of Palataki monument. It Is a sandy beach with blue clear water and not so crowded.

Notos beach

Notos beach is located in the south part of Thassos near the coast of Potos, Agios Antonios and Rosogremos. It is a small sandy beach and path to it is very steep. Seawater is very clear and there are umbrellas, sun beds, and beach bar.

Paradise beach

Paradise beach is the famous beach with tropical shallow water, huge waves, and white sand! It really reminds you of Hawaii with an exotic beauty. It is an ideal beach for children to play in a turquoise clear water and golden sand.

Pachis beach

Pachis beach located on the north part of the island, near Limenas. Everybody knows this beach with the white sand, crystal blue shallow water and many water sports. It is a popular organized long sandy beach with umbrellas and sunbeds and many pine trees around so there is a plenty of natural shadow.

Saliara-Marble beach

Saliara (Marble) beach is an exotic small beach with very small white pebbles, golden sand, crystal clear shallow waters and an organized beach bar where you can find sun beds, umbrellas, snacks and drinks. It is located near Limenas, closed to Makryammos beach.

Salonikios beach

The Salonikios coast is located just outside of Astris only 3km far away from the main road. It is an organized beach with a plenty of trees, natural shadow and clear water, which is different color from other beaches. You can reach to the beach by motorbike or car but you have to drive through a dusty road. There are a lot of beautiful rocks and amazing sunset.

Skala Kallirachis beach

Skala Kallirachis beach is located on the west side of the island, 22 km from Limenas. It is a quiet a small, beach with shallow water, and no so crowded.

Skala Marion Beach

There are three beaches on the southwestern part of the island, in the village of Skala Marion. The first is the beautiful harbor, the second is in Platana, and the third is the organized beach of Atspa. All of the beaches are excellent and have crystal shallow waters. There are several good restaurants and fresh fish.

Prinos beach

Prinos beach is located 15 km from Limenas.  Seawater is shallow with turquoise color and sand is white and soft.

Skala Rachoni beach

The beautiful beach of Skala Rachoni is only 12 km far from Limenas. There are not many visitors so this is the reason beach is so quiet. There are a couple of restaurants around, to enjoy ouzo and traditional little plates and fresh fish. Waters are crystal clear and calm, and there is plenty of natural shade.

Sotiros Beach

On the west coast of the island, just 20 kilometers from Limenas, is located Sotiros Beach. It is a small-organized beach with clean waters and the place is developing in recent years. There are several restaurants and supermarkets.

Trypiti beach

Just a few meters outside Limenaria, is located Trypiti, where you can enjoy the sea, the sun and several sea games. The beach is very long with some parts organized and some parts not organized so visitors can easily choose what suits them more. There are many restaurants, beach bars, and luxury hotels. It has green clear water, a lot of sand and some stones.

Maries Bemba beach

At the old port in the village, Maries is located a beach called Bemba. It is an organized coast with umbrellas and sunbeds, has clear water and amazing sunset. Snacks and drinks are available from beach bars. There is a beach volleyball facility as well.

Golden Beach

One of the longest beaches on the island is the Golden Beach, near Limenas, Panagia, Potamia. The beach has golden sand, and the sea has clear blue shallow waters. The Community camping located on this coast. There are many restaurants, taverns, coffee shops, supermarkets etc. It is an organized beach.

Atspas Beach

Atspas Beach is located outside of the village Skala Maries It is a small beautiful organized beach and umbrellas can be used by ordering a drink or food. You will find clear blue water, and a relaxing atmosphere, which is ideal for vacation.

Psili Ammos beach

Amazing beach with a clear waters and white golden sand is the beach Psili Ammos. Located 1 km from Rosogremmos beach and 3 km from Potos beach. Young people love this coast, because it combines water sports and nice beach bars with loud music. It is an organized beach, with some restaurants that always have fresh fish.

Arsanas beach

Just below the Livadi beach and very close to St. Archangel Michael monastery located the Arsanas beach. It is 15 km from Potos beach. To reach the coast you have to park on the road and walk down a steep path, which is not suggested for children. Arsanas is not organized beach, and is not so crowded. Water is crystal blue color.

Schinos Beach

Schinos Beach is located to the west and is a very quiet beach ideal for visitors who loves natural wild life. The beach is pebbly and the sand is very fine and white.

Fari beach

Fari beach located to the southwest of Thassos. In Fari bay, there are many pine trees. Seawater is crystal and is the ideal place to explore the bottom of the sea.

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