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Activities on Thassos

Thassos offers unique options for daily activities, which will fill your vacation with unforgettable experiences!

Horse Riding

In the two villages of Thassos, in Prinos (north) and in Theologos (south), you can enjoy the activity of riding.

The installations are open all year, and specialist teachers are always at your disposal to teach you how to ride horses.

People with disabilities can also be taught (AME).

Jeep Safari 4x4

With a trip to the island, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the magic of nature.
A lot of springs with crystal clear waters, hills, high mountains, and pine forests will impress you.

Boat Tours / daily cruises in Thassos

There are boat tours every day during the 6 hours so you can see the most beautiful beaches on Thassos
You can dive in crystal clear waters, jump on board, swim, fishing and enjoy the sunny days.
Breakfast and lunch are served on board during cruises

Water Sports

You can enjoy water sports on the organized beaches on Thassos,playing  with water bikes,ringo, parachute in the sea water skiing, jet skiing, canoeing, inflatable games and the famous banana.


Thassos has many diving schools with the necessary equipment to enjoy interesting diving.
The staff are available to guide you to explore bottom of the sea.

Road Race “Tour Of Thassos``

At a distance of 90 kilometers, the Tour of Thassos race, takes place every year
The starting point and end of the race is the coast of San Antonio  in the village of Potos.


Thassos is an island of great interest in hiking, especially in the cooler months of May,June,September, and October.
It has a wonderful route where you come across springs, pine forests, hills, and picturesque paths.
Interesting is the 7 kilometres route to climb to the highest mountain on the island, Ypsario.

Interesting points are:
Potos Kastri, Fragma Maries Genna, Theologos Potos Lakos Dipotamos, Agios Apostolos Kastro, Theologos Ipsarion Potamia Kaggelia, Kalirahi Metamorfosi Sotiros, Panagia Potamia Profitis Ilias, Ipsario, Rahoni, Kazaviti, Agia Kiriaki Mayros Lakos Koinoira Vlahos, Theologos Monastrery Mihael Archagell


The ring road of Thassos is 100 kilometers.
Cyclists can discover the organized, unorganized, and private beaches as well as routes to reach the mountain forest.
The International Thassos Bike Week it starts and finish on the coast of San Antonio at Potos village  where the awards are given to the winners.


Fishermen everywhere in Thassos, on such beautiful beaches, can find rocks for good fishing.
Sea on the island is rich in fish, and seafood (lobster, octopus, sea bream, squid).

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