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Thassos - The Emerald of the Aegean

Green. Blue. Picturesque and unpredictable.

Thassos is a little green and mountainous island in the Aegean Sea. It is a Greek island, which is very famous for the clean beaches. The island is in front of the Macedonian dry land and the mouth of the river Nestos.


Thassos is also known for the hospitality of the inhabitants, the tasty wine and marvelous honey. The history of this island is very long, in the ancient time it was famous for the gold and marble.


Today there are a lot of archaeological treasure to see. It is also important to visit the factory of marble. The white marble is famous all over the world


Its population is 14,000 and is engaged in tourism, agriculture, fishing, livestock and marble mining. The Thassians have preserved their culture, traditions and culture.


It is a well-known island for its ancient culture and is famous for its excellent products. Its main products are olive oil, honey, olives, oregano and wine.


Thassos is the ideal location for visitors interested in getting to know the beautiful natural and cultural environment of the area and to try alternative forms of vacation.


It offers great landscape rotation, the advantage of quick and easy access to many different locations. For example, they can bike or stroll on the mountain and on the same day, within walking distance, they can swim in the sea, enjoy a meal or a drink by the sea.


Visitors can enjoy unforgettable experiences exploring Ipsario with its beautiful natural surroundings, and its lush mountain trails.


To visit the traditional villages and enjoy the unique architectural style, the stone bridges, the cobbled streets.


Taste the local products, homemade sweets and jams, traditional recipes, raki and wine as well as other local delicacies.

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    Villages of Thassos

    • Thassos – Limenas
    • Limenaria
    • Saint George
    • Astris
    • Theologos
    • Kazaviti
    • Kallirahi
    • Kastro
    • Kinira
    • Maries
    • Panagia
    • Potamia
    • Potos
    • Prinos
    • Sotiros
    • Rahoni
    • Skala Kallirahis
    • Skala Marion
    • Skala Potamias
    • Skala Prinou
    • Skala Rahoniou
    • Skala Sotiros

    The Emerald of the Aegean

    A glorious island and a tortured island. An island that nourished its painters and sculptors and famous orators and athletes, but basically ordinary people of the sea and land, people who were suffering and tortured, closely tied to the fate of their land.


    Its rich forests of Thassos Pine, Black Pine and Macedonian fir cover the entire surface of the island and its picturesque little villages lost in the green or next to the sea when you visit it.


    An abundance of colors and images, from the turquoise sea, the white of the foam and the houses, the deep green of the pine trees, the absolute white of its marbles. Lacy beaches, wild rocks and mystical caves, and natural pools promise unparalleled emotions.


    Herodotus mentions the existence of “native gold” even though no such thing has been found in the area to date. And what about this: the little earthly paradise you discover in your passage from Thassos reminds you that there are things in life that are more precious and invaluable than all the goldsmiths of the world.